Tammy (TAMMY)

tammi, known as tammy, acting as transvestite by having her male friend producing the voice behind screen. (please turn the volume to mute if you want to admire her beauty)

this 19 years old babe is cute and hot. tammy, the vesper cheerleader from the school nyp (singapore) turned famous overnight about a year ago. the self recorded videos (4 parts) using mobile phone, featuring her having sex with her boyfriend, were spread over the internet after she lost her phone. she appeared gorgeous and charming throughout the videos, though quiet. there were scenes of blowjob and other inappropriate acts which were alluring. her fame spread to other countries soon and many people till now are still searching online for her videos, and that is why “tammy nyp” until this day is one of the top searches in many search engines. it is a blessing that she is able to move on with her life now despite being harassed by desperate guys often through both her physical and online life. As a result, she has to even change her blog’s url.

(ps: you will never get to see the 4 stolen videos in this website)

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